How much will it help my business to have an office?

By: Blaine Walker

I get asked this question often… do you NEED to have an office? Will it help my marketing if I have an office? Is it worth the investment? The short (but technical) answer is yes, it is worth it. Because there are many benefits that you gain when you have an office that is difficult to overcome or compensate for without one. In the following article, we will explore offices and virtual offices and talk about what the best solution is for you and your business.


Perhaps the number one benefit an office gives you is the benefits of optics. That means the way your business looks to the outside world. When you have an office, you automatically look more professional than your competitors who do not have offices. People tend to judge your business by its cover. When they do not know you or any of your competitors and all things are equal, you better believe that the guy with an office will win out over the guy without an office.


An office gives you a physical address, which gives you the ability to register your business on websites like Google and yelp where people can see the storefront (or office front) and associate it with your business. And in a city like Houston, it can say a lot about your business! (Note* a PO BOX does not achieve the same result! Because PO Boxes are housed within other businesses like a mail and package center or an actual post office, the image that will show up online will be their physical location, not yours.)


Offices give you a home base from which you can operate your business. No more coffee shop or worksite meetings. You will have an office where you can send your customer the address and have them meet you there. Additionally, you will be able to keep all your paperwork and files (even tools and supplies if necessary) where they are safe and consolidated.


Having an office has shown to help separate work and home life. If your family is complaining about you working too much and bringing your work home with you, an office makes it easier to create a clear definition between the two. You can leave work at the office and be present with your family when you are home.


But, what if I cannot afford an office!?

No problem. There are options that can give you a majority of the office benefits without all the cost. Perhaps you can consider a virtual office instead. In Houston, you can get a virtual office for as little as $50 a month from a local business that also sells private offices and co-working space memberships. For $50 you will be issued a physical address inside an impressive office building with impressive curbside appeal. To your online customers you will look like a million bucks (actually you may look better than some of the guys who have a physical office do because virtual offices are often really beautiful! The downside is that you will not have an actual office to go to or store things. You are buying an address only where you can send and receive mail from.

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