CFS Furniture Solutions, LLC is a company with 17 years of experience in office installation, working as subcontractors with many prestigious furniture companies. Headed by Javier Garcia since 2017, CFS has a well trained staff, able to handle reconfigurations, shelving, moving and a variety of tasks.

Q: What does your business provide?

A: We provide the labor for companies who are in need of installers, that we prepare and send out. We also end up doing work on all sides, like when we moved into Builder’s Backbone, we had clients who wanted to install some of the workstations of their offices.

Q: What made you want to start this kind of business?

A: Back in 2002, I had started a business that turned into a big success for about 4 years. I was running the business by myself at the time and we provided for a single company, so if things were slow for them, they were slow for me. Now I have a business partner named, Hector Modonado, and about four months ago, we had decided to start this business again. This time, my business provides for 3 different companies, which give us more opportunities for work.

Q: What made you want to join Builder’s Backbone?

A: I met one of your sales reps, who gave me a virtual tour that gave me ideas on what Builder’s Backbone intended to do for it’s members, like mingling with people and exchanging information to help each other out.

Q: How do you use your office that Builder’s Backbone had provided?

A: We want to make things more professional when we meet with clients, as well as a space to hold job interviews. We also held our first company meeting in one of your conference rooms. It gives us the space we need to conduct our business.

Q: What aspect about Builder’s Backbone do you like the most?

A: I like the fact that it’s a big open space, with people constantly coming in. I also appreciate the things Builder’s Backbone has done in regards to expanding my business with your marketing and social events.

Q: When Builder’s Backbone gets more members and the construction to the showroom is finished, what are your looking forward to the most?

A: That will definitely be a big plus for everyone, because there will be alot more clients and contractors to mingle with. If we ever decide to start marketing on furniture, the showroom will be a very good place to put out our product.

Q: How could other business owners starting their own businesses by becoming a member of Builder’s Backbone?

A: Just follow your dreams. The hardest part is to make the move. Once you make the move with help from Builder’s Backbone, you’ll learn new ideas and different ways to meet your goal. I had run a business for years and I’m still learning new things, especially since I joined Builder’s Backbone

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