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Congratulations to the 2017 World Series Champion Houston Astros!!!

Congratulations to the world champion Houston Astros!!!

2017 was a difficult year for the city of Houston. In spite of inner city crime, hot weather and the unprecedented damage caused by Hurricane Harvey….you reached deep within the soul of your team and achieved something that has never been done before by anyone in your shoes.

Sure, baseball is a GAME — and while there may be some who dismiss the importance of this accomplishment… we believe that it is something to be respected, remembered and celebrated! For everyone who lost their home, lost their cars, endured weeks of life away from home in crowded hotels or friends home, this championship series brought a light to the city of Houston and has united us behind a cause that not only makes us stand side by side with one another in spite of race, or economic position, it has pulled together the collective will of a city and channeled it toward a goal that is undeniably shows the strength of this team, their organization and the city and fans who love them.

Congratulations to the role players who do not stand in the limelight.

Congratulations to the employees of the organization who make sure every detail and aspect of the game and it’s preparation go off without a hitch.

Congratulations to the players who came to Houston from other teams and cities and have adopted Houston and it’s people as fellow brothers and sisters.

Congratulations to an organization that deserves it’s time in the spotlight.

We love Houston.

We love the Astros.

2017 World Series Champions!