Builder’s Backbone; “Its more than just co-working offices for contractors!”

How can Builder’s Backbone help me?

The construction industry is filled with entrepreneurs -talented individuals whom after they have worked and honed their skill set, decide to branch out on their own. These contractors very often face big challenges to grow their business because their resources are scarce as a new business owner. Builder’s Backbone plans to change this forever.

The concept for Builder’s Backbone was developed initially as a means of providing a shared platform from which new businesses can share resources and connections that otherwise would be out of their reach till they are much more established. Resources like offices, showrooms, warehouse space, trucks as well as professional help for things like marketing, accounting, finance, insurance and website development.

For less than most people spend on coffee and donuts each month a business owner from any part of the construction industry as a whole, can join Builder’s Backbone to utilize its resources and while at the same time supplementing the other members of the community by providing their own trustworthy and dependable skillset for others to use and/or collaborate with.

Very quickly this concept that was dreamed up to help small and new businesses, has enveloped all parts of the industry in the spirit of teaming up and working together for the collective good of the community.

Today Builder’s Backbone has one 24/7 facility in SW Houston, the named the Builder’s Backbone Synergy Center, located along the Westpark tollway between the inner and outer loops. It is 56,000square feet of showroom and office space for collaboration.

Membership  is basically divided into two groups;

  1. The virtual office option which gives businesses access to our app, network of members and a new business address where they can register and run their business from, virtually. ($49/mo)
  2. The other membership levels all provide 24/7 access to the Synergy Center along with all the benefits included with a virtual membership. (Monthly membership starts at $199 and varies depending on the office space you select)

Today, Builder’s Backbone endeavors to empower entrepreneurs by giving them tools, resources, and options they can use to focus their own time and efforts on the more important parts of their business and spend more time doing the things they do best.  Ultimately, we realize everyone has their own reasons for working hard day in and day out,  but at the core of all these reasons is a desire to provide a better quality of life for ourselves and the ones we love.  

Builder’s Backbone provides an almost countless number of features and benefits for our members to utilize, but at the end of the day, when all the tools are put away, THE REASON we do it is to help you have a better life.