How to turn quotes into high paying (very happy) customers.

The quoting process is very likely the most valuable marketing tool you have in your arsenal. DO NOT WASTE IT BY ONLY GIVING A QUOTE!!!  A quote is like an audition, and it’s your time to shine. Giving the actual price quote is only 10% of the task. Adding a one-sheet will do the other 90% of the work by convincing them why they would be crazy to do business with anyone else but you, even if the competition is cheaper.

What is a one-sheet? What should be in it? Well, we’ve got your back. Just keep reading.

So, how do you do it? Start with out-thinking your competition.

It starts with knowing EXACTLY what clients  want from you and why they want to do it. Listen VERY CAREFULLY and ask questions because it will be impossible to exceed their expectations (and delight them) if you do not see their vision clearly. Do they want only green materials? Do they keep asking you if you will fix something if it goes wrong? (Hint: They are wanting a warranty.) This process will make your potential customers feel valued and understood. If they believe you share their vision, they will be more likely to hire you for the job.

Convince them they are spending their money right by hiring you. Because telling them you are honest, dependable and skilled WON’T WORK!

Do not waste your time telling them the things that everyone else is saying. They already expect you to be honest, dependable and skilled. Instead give them several SOLID reasons why you are the right person for the job — even if it costs them more money.

Build a case for them. Introduce the one-sheet.

Set yourself apart from the competition based on facts. Consider these marketing weapons when drafting your one-sheet.

  • Change your method. A great way to set yourself apart is by doing things differently. Now your sales pitch can focus on how “everyone else” is doing things the “old way” and you are doing things the “new and better way.” You can accomplish this by using a new or different kind of tool or by employing an alternative process. Focus on how this different way of doing things will not only achieve the desired result, but it will also give additional benefits, value or quality that the old way does not.

  • Change your materials. Find a different kind of material or product that you can incorporate into your process and focus your pitch on the benefits it provides. Tell them how you are using a new technology and material to provide them with the desired result in a better way, that will stand up better to the test of time. If it is a more expensive material, tell them why it’s worth it.

  • Go green. Find any possible ways to Go Green. Be sure to tell your customers how this will help the environment and do less damage than your competitors are doing. These things are often meaningful to customers.

  • Stand behind your work. Everyone likes the protection of a warranty. It makes them feel safe and secure in their decision. Don’t be afraid to offer a better warranty than everyone else. The trick is to be confident in your work and write a warranty that stands behind your craftsmanship and excludes things that are out of your control. If you are already committed to doing top of the line work on every jobsite, why not stand behind it and use it to your benefit. It will result in more jobs sold and more referrals down the road.

  • Communicate better. People like to be kept in-the-loop and know what is going on. Find ways to share the process with the customer and let them know how their project is coming along and when it will be done. Perhaps consider using a WIFI camera to live-stream the process or sending updates as each phase of the project is finished via text or email.

  • Become a friend. Provide a page that tells them all about YOU. How long you’ve been in business. Some of your most impressive clients (if any). What you specialize in. People feel more comfortable doing business with people they know instead of strangers. You can use this opportunity to introduce your family situation, help people understand why you started your business, your goals and dreams, and of course your values.

  • Introduce your team. Provide short bios for your team, especially if they will be on the job-site. This will help potential clients feel more at ease and safe while you are in their home. Help make them feel more comfortable to talk to your workers if they need to address a concern.

  • Stack value for them. Figuring out small but meaningful ways to enhance their project and improve it above and beyond what they hired you to do will make a big difference. They will look at this like getting freebies — and who doesn’t like getting a little something extra for free!? When you go the extra mile for your customers, they will go the extra mile to tell people about your business.

Now, summarize these points on your one-sheet. This sheet is the most important marketing tool you have for selling more jobs. Make sure you include it with every single quote you give to people, either in person or by email. This will help them to remember why they would be crazy to do business with anyone else but you, EVEN IF THEY ARE CHEAPER.


Pro Tip: Remember, the best customers are the ones who will value your work and not just the price. When a customer is only focused on price and nothing else seems important to them, they are more likely to be difficult after the sale. The best customers are the ones who understand the value you are providing and want to end up with the highest quality product possible, not the cheapest.